Ambulatory Transportation

Delta Medical Transport provides all levels of transport services.  Our ambulatory service is unmatched by anyone. Give us a call and let us tell you more about this service we have provided for 13 years!

Wheelchair Transportation

Delta Medical Transport, Inc. has been performing wheelchair transportation for over 13 years!  During this time we have seen the need for ambulance transportation increase.  While we recently have started ambulance transportation to meet this demand, we continue to provide first class wheelchair transportation services to meet all of your transport needs. 

Basic Life Support Transportation

We offer BLS transportation to those in their time of need. We strive to ensure our customer service is second to none. Additionally, we provide outstanding customer service and care while tailoring our company to your individual needs. And we guarantee that no one will beat our fees for service.

Advanced Life Support

When advanced care is needed we provide it.  We believe in study based medicine and working closely with our Medical Director to deliver comprehensive and up to date ALS care. Sometimes a patients outcome depends on the care they receive during transport.  Entrust your loved one, or patient, with a service that strives to deliver outstanding ALS care.

Our philosophy is to provide our customers and partners with a one call number for patient transportation services.  Your time is valuable, and you should not have to "shop around" for transportation in your time of need.  If we cannot provide you with the service you need immediately, or when scheduled, we will find you a service that can.

Critical Care Transportation
Delta offers critical care transport including ventilator and medication infusion.  All of our critical care providers are Paramedics and have specialized training in critical care equipment to ensure safe and effective transportation for your patients.

Our Services